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Join me in November for this 2 Day Transformational Challenge… and discover personalized training that I’ve only shared with a select few clients who want to take action and activate healing

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 Are you a woman who has gone through trauma in life and experienced pain or loss?

 Do you wonder how “some people” in life always happen to fall into wonderful opportunities and live out their dreams?

 Are you feeling stuck in your job that isn’t rewarding you?

 Are you looking for more fulfilling relationships with your family, friends, and co-workers?

 Do you want a proven Step-By-Step system to move away from pathogenic thinking and embrace a salutogenic practice?

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Hey there! I’m Dina Lobo aka “The Super Transformational Catalyst”

I discovered the power of life transformation because I fell. Hard.
You see… I was not meant to be a mindset strategist (I was originally trained as a software engineer and ended up working in the sales, accounting and finance world!).
While I advised my customers in the banking industry, I never thought that role was preparing me to shift my focus from Finances to Mindset!  (Which is insane that I now have hundreds of clients in my own coaching business called Transformational Spark Coaching, right?)
When I started on my journey to becoming a life coach, I had 4 big losses:
  • TRAUMA after losing my loved ones
  • TRAUMA in family and relationships
  • IMMENSE PAIN from multiple surgeries after having my baby
  • STUCK in a job that wasn’t rewarding
My BIG Promise to You Is That By The End Of The 5 Days:
  • You WILL gain confidence in finding your life’s true purpose
  • You WILL realize that you are worthy of receiving abundance and ready to face life’s challenges
  • You WILL embody Unconditional Love as the core of your transformation
  • Maximizing your potential WILL be your motivation, Every Single Day
  • You WILL learn compassionate ways of loving and taking care of yourself.

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Dina Lobo, a transformational catalyst, a Certified Trauma Support Specialist, a Love And Authenticity Practitioner, a mother, and travel enthusiast, helps empower individuals to overcome mental and emotional roadblocks that are preventing them from living the life they truly desire.  
She is the founder of Transformational Spark Coaching, a business that guides clients in decoding and addressing the root cause of their affliction at the subconscious level and creates breakthrough experiences that elevate conscious awareness.  This allows her clients to find peace with their soul and freely pursue their life’s goals.
After becoming a new Mom last year and experiencing all the physical, mental, and emotional chaos that comes with the territory, Dina felt stuck. She had a calling and decided to pivot from her successful career advising many hundreds of clients with financial breakthroughs.  Drawing on her empathetic experiences as a youth spending much time serving as Rotary Club President and volunteering with auto immune children, teaching them to dance, sing and be creative, Dina desired to serve individuals on a much deeper and meaningful level.  Using her leadership and team-first skills acquired as the captain of her volleyball team representing her State, she wholeheartedly pursues a holistic approach to transform her clients’ lives. She has lived in 3 different countries and is culturally, socially, and linguistically diverse, able to assist her clients globally. 

My Coaching Is For You If...

  • You’re ready to expand your SKILLS.

  • You're ready to challenge yourself to GROW beyond what you ever imagined.

  • You want to gain CLARITY when you feel overwhelmed.

  • You want to eliminate self-doubt and take back CONTROL of your own story?

  • You want to continue making a POSITIVE IMPACT in the lives of people around you.

  • You want to feel the FIRE with none of the burnout.

  • To gain the courage to change your PAIN to POWER.

  • To transform your TRAUMA to TREASURE

  • All that is required for us to work together. . .Your desire to achieve something BIGGER!

So many of us are full of untapped power and exciting possibilities and I love working with women who are motivated to maximize their potential.
The success coaching I offer allows my clients to release everything that is holding them back and take life from ordinary to extraordinary!
Ex: Think of it as a transformational journey that takes you from operating from your survival mechanism to doing everything from your truest, higher self.
YOUR drive. MY direction. The map is yours to create and we will remove the roadblocks together.
Whether you want to fast track your goals, or take the scenic route, it’s all good!
If you are ready to remove all the self-doubt, get clear and align with your burning passions and life purpose, let's connect self-regulation, self-reflection, self-discovery, and self-determination —  
Remember,  your relationships form the foundations of your happiness.
Your happiness is too important to leave to chance.
It’s time to take back control of your happiness—and level up every relationship in your life.                                                                                                            
I look forward to seeing you, and I can’t wait to share this experience with you!

See you inside,

- Dina Lobo

Here’s a preview!

  • Discover the "root" issue that has been causing most of the challenges that you are facing.
  • Explore how to "shift" limiting beliefs regardless of how deeply rooted they are.
  • Tear down "disempowering and debilitating" emotions and transform into positive and empowering emotions.
  • Eliminate "self-sabotaging" personalities that come up.
  • Rewire all the "programming" you picked up that is not serving you anymore.
  • Build a relationship of trust and transparency
  • Learn to regulate the autonomic nervous system for acute relaxation
  • Help educate and restructure the way a survivor perceives themselves and the world
  • Identify the connection between the threat response system and the chemistry of the body
  • Review “adverse childhood experiences” and understand the long term impact it has on behavior, thinking and emotions.
  • Understand the impact of changes in the body and implement techniques and skills that support trauma informed care.
  • Discover the UNIQUE PERSONAL VALUES that drive you, so that you will ALWAYS have complete clarity and confidence in your decisions!


"Dina is a good listener. She is full of life. She helped me to feel better and I was able to speak freely without being judged. Dina provided insights and lots of advice on how to overcome panic attacks which was my main issue. Thanks Dina!"


"Dina’s powerfully energetic… Contagiously so… And offers keen insight herself in addition to her guests on interview. I always enjoy a positive vibe after her sessions. Thank You Dina. "


"Dina radiates an infectious positive energy, we ended our first zoom session with a group dance which certainly blew the blues away for us all. "

-Nathalie Llovet

"Dina- I would like to thank you for guiding and showing me light when I felt blurred. You kindly reached to me, with your warm approach. You provided insights on how to fill the gap between needs and wants. You helped me to rise and shine again. May the universe return to you in many folds for all your kindness and I am so grateful to find a sister who empowers!"


Dina Lobo Presents…

90-Days Transformational Spark Coaching

How to Discover Everything You Need to Consistently and Reliably Elevate Your Conscious Awareness Every Day!

Challenge Begins November 2021!

NOW is the time to take action and make the decision to invest in your relationships, your happiness, and your life. 
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